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Naked Chicks Pasture

Chocolate Drizzler

Chocolate Drizzler

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This Chocolate Drizzler is the sweetest way to bring a little cocoa-y joy to your day! Our unique blend of honey and cocoa is sure to tantalize your taste buds - get ready for a delicious treat with just two ingredients… honey & cocoa! 

How the heck can I use this? 
I’m glad you asked……. How about 


As a replacement for sugary chocolate syrup 

Heat with milk for a healthy chocolate milk

Over Ice cream 

In coffee - how about a mocha latte

Mix with butter for a chocolate buttercream frosting  

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely LOVE the honey sweetened drinks!

I absolutely LOVE the honey sweetened drinks! Peach and Berry Vitality are my favorite for a little afternoon pick-me-up with just the right amount of healthy green tea caffeine that doesn't keep me up all night

Trucker & Mrs. G
We love them all

Absolutely love Naked Chicks Products, the fact that we get to support local small business is a huge bonus!

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