Products as God intended….. Naked

How we started ruffling feathers

Breaking out of her shell at Naked Chicks Pasture, Chickira stood out from most chicks her age. Early on she flew her Midwest coop, heading to the city, hoping to sizzle in the world of culinary cuisine. Strutting into Chick N’ Strips, one of Buffalo’s sauciest night clubs, she was quickly billed as Saucy Strips and became a customer favorite. At first getting sauced was exciting but after awhile she began to suspect fowl play. Were the ingredients being used all they were cracked up to be?  Why did condiments and drinks contain so much sugar? 

After years of being the main dish, she was fried. Realizing her true passion was much sweeter than anything Chick N’ Strips offered her, she looked to the common denominator between her and waffles… HONEY. With a recipe in mind that combined the healthy flavors of her childhood with honey - a better alternative to the condiments she had been dipped in- Naked Chicks Pasture was calling her home.  

Upon her return, Chickira was surprised and delighted to find that her beloved farmer was now raising birds AND bees. Staying true to Naked Chicks Pasture’s mission of producing natural “naked” products as God intended, Chickira and the farmer discovered their shared passion for using honey instead of sugar in common products.  Their new products, Honey Drizzlers and 100% honey sweetened sodas, quickly ruffled feathers as a healthier way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

With the farmer’s allergies in mind, Chickira pledged to maintain a high standard of health using natural ingredients that are free of artificial dyes and colors, gluten, and safe for those with alpha gal. She is committed to hatching innovative plans for new honey sweetened products.