Our story

Naked Chicks Pasture is woman owned and family operated.

In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and more freedom we left the suburbs of NY and moved to an amazing farm in the Midwest. We all play a part on the farm - from building chicken tractors to growing food, feeding animals to creating new healthy products, and the list goes on.

Our goal is to raise chicken, duck, and pork that both you and our family can feel confident about eating.

All of our animals are all organically raised.

Here’s what organic means to us:

* The animals are raised on fresh grass for their whole lives.

* They are out in the weather: sun, rain, wind, and even snow if they choose. They all have shelter but can choose when to be in or out.

* They eat bugs and grass on a daily basis.

*They enjoy organic sprouted grains and non-GMO mixed feed.