Who are we?

Naked Chicks Pasture was started as and still is a pasture raised chicken farm. Ah, now the name makes sense!
Picture this: a quaint pasture-raised poultry farm nestled in the heart of Southern Missouri. Yep, that's us! It all started when we realized there was a serious shortage of healthy, non-confined, organically raised poultry in our neck of the woods. So, we decided to roll up our sleeves and raise some meat birds. Little did we know, we were about to embark on an adventure that would change the way we eat forever!

Fast forward a year and a half. My son and I were hit with a double whammy: we were both diagnosed with alpha gal – otherwise known as the “red meat allergy”. But here's the blessing—thank goodness for our chicken stash! Seriously, those full freezers were a lifesaver. And hey, who knew our birds would become our dietary superheroes?
As our pasture-raised chicken gained fans faster than you can say "cluck," I figured, why not share some of the healthy products I make for my family? So, off to the local farmer's markets we went, armed with a cooler full of chicken, homemade salves, chapsticks, and vanilla extracts. During our market days, we loved to support local bakers, making it a point to buy a different baked good each week. But hold onto your hats, because here comes the kicker: those yummy farmer's market finds?
Yeah, they were triggering sneaky little allergic reactions. The reason why didn’t become apparent for another year!

Adding to the fun on the farm, we decided to raise bees. Replacing sugar with honey was the new norm. I aimed to have our favorite food and drinks sweetened with honey. Now, picture me in the kitchen, apron on, tea steeping in the sun and honey in hand. I'll admit, I had a few mishaps along the way. But fear not, because when in doubt, call in the experts! Cue a local company that works magic in the recipe department. And just like that, Naked Chicks Pasture's honey-sweetened sodas were born and ready to hit the market. Because let's face it—who needs artificial when nature's sweetness is just a buzz away?

Then came the shocker. It turns out, some big-shot sugar producers process using bone char. Suddenly I realized that many of the seemingly innocent foods (including the farmers market baked goods) I had eaten before being diagnosed had contributed to my reactions! Things were coming together! With a spoonful of ingenuity and a dollop of determination, our Honey Drizzler took shape —a game-changer in the world of condiments, sauces, and syrups. Take that, bone char!
So, here we are, shaking up the food scene one honey-sweetened sip and drizzle at a time. With alpha gal on the rise, Naked Chicks Pasture is here to be your trusty sidekick in the quest for safe, transparent food choices. So grab a soda, slather on some Honey Drizzlers, and join us on this tasty adventure. Because life's too short for bland food and hidden ingredients, are we right?